What Is A Steady Carb

A Steady carb (or Slow carb) is a carb that is broken down slowly, and causes a slow and steady rise in blood sugar levels. Steady carbs, as opposed to simple carbs, do not cause a huge insulin spike after you eat them, and so, do not contribute to weight gain like simple, refined carbs…

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Healthy Meal Plans: I Want To Change Up My Diet With Easy Weight Loss Meals

Question: Would it be okay if my daily diet consisted of eggs, turkey, grilled chicken, vegetables and protein shakes all year round? If you can include any specific vegetables that are best please let me know. I chose these foods because I currently do not have time to make plenty of special meals everyday. Let…

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Weight Loss Goal: How To Motivate And Set Yourself Up For Success

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Setting out to do anything, including losing weight, without setting great, effective goals, is like setting sail without a destination in mind AND without a rudder to boot! You’ll never end up getting anywhere. At the same time… with crystal clear goals, you’re gonna set yourself up for success and be super motivated. When you…

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How To Track My Weight Loss And Fat Loss Accurately: QnA

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Now, you probably know how important it is to track your progress when you are trying to lose weight. But most of us don’t know how to do it right…. what metrics should we should be tracking, or how frequently… and what the hell are metrics anyway. Not getting the right answers to these questions…

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Help Me Lose Weight I’m Struggling And Desperate: QnA


We’ve got a fantastic question in today that I know you are going to love. Today  we talk about when you don’t lose weight, even though you are doing EVERYTHING! I know a lot of us here can relate this question from Cassie. She says… “I joined a gym about 6 months back and started…

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Awesome Ways To Get Motivated For Weight Loss Part 2 of How Do I Get Motivated To Lose Weight

14th Awesome Ways To Get Motivated For Weight Loss THUMBNAILS

Did you check out our first post where we talk about the 3 (actually, it’s 4) best ways to get motivated to lose weight? If you didn’t, make sure you go do that now. And if you want even MORE fantastic techniques to get you motivated to lose weight, read on! THREE MORE AWESOME WAYS…

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How Do I Get Motivated To Lose Weight The Best 3 Methods Of Weight Loss Motivation

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Are you finding it hard to eat healthy? Do you feel like you know you need to get off your butt and start working out but you just can’t find the drive or the motivation? Fret not, cos today we’ll talk about the top 3 best weight loss motivation methods to get you off you…

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Exercise To Lose Belly Fat And Lose Love Handles: QnA

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This week we have another awesome QnA session where we’re gonna talk about the best exercises to get rid of that tummy and love handles! Getting rid of belly fat and having a flat stomach is something that I think all of us here want. Today’s question should shed some light into how to get…

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Ways To Stay Motivated For Weightloss: QnA

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Today we’re gonna bring you a fantastic Q on ways to stay motivated for weight loss, and along with it, our A. This question comes from Neil, and he says; “I’m going to start eating healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle by ditching starchy carbs, like cut down on pasta and bread, no potatoes, rice,…

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I Don’t Lose Weight With A 1200 Calorie Meal Plan!: QnA

10th Video QnA

A lot of people go on calorie restriction diets to help them lose weight, and we usually do get some results. But sometimes, this can backfire on us. And this is what happened to Rachel, who gives us today’s question. Rachels question goes; I can’t lose weight with a 1200 calorie meal plan! Hi, I…

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